Monday, February 9, 2009

Browndorf Longevity Linked Hedge Fund

BrowndorfPEM, LLC, an emerging hedge fund manager in Newport Beach, CA, led by Matthew Browndorf, recently launched an alternate asset class of BrowndorfPEM's Browndorf Life Settlement Fund to manage longevity based portfolios or life-linked assets such as senior life settlements. Browndorf PEM is co-managed by Matthew Browndorf, Esq. Matthew Browndorf has an impeccable record as an attorney in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and England and Wales.

The new longevity linked hedge fund introduced by Matthew Browndorf at BrowndorfPEM allows investors to invest and profit from the future mortality profile of the population. At BrowndorfPEM, The funds are co-managed by Matthew Browndorf, Esq., an attorney with expertise in the reinsurance and financial fields, and Jonathan T. Sadowsky, a former hedge fund portfolio manager at Barclays Global Investors in San Francisco, CA, now at BrowndorfPEM.

Matthew Browndorf's longevity linked hedge fund at BrowndorfPEM provides stable and attractive returns. This fund At BrowndorfPEM provides solutions for different types of investors by allowing them to opportunistically diversify into areas that have reduced risk and greater possibility for strong returns.
BrowndorfPEM is a legitimate Private Equity Management Firm, led by Matthew Browndoerf. Matthew Browndorf is a full-service financial services provider offering a complete suite of financial management and growth products at BrowndorfPEM, tailored to the high net-worth private client, family office and institution
According to Matthew Browndorf, Esq., the credit market is experiencing a severe and unprecedented market dislocation. In such a situation, BrowndorfPEM's capability of being able to offer a product with more stable returns that are both uncorrelated to traditional markets and exhibiting reduced return volatility gives BrowndorfPEM an extra edge over other organizations.

Matthew Browndorf's BrowndorfPEM is one of the first buy-side firms to utilize synthetic life-linked assets to mitigate the unwanted operational and legal risks and provide a diversified portfolio of Senior Life Settlements in a hedge fund structure.

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